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GROK Learning tilbyder en række gratis tutorials, eller små læringsforløb til programmeringssproget Python. Hour of Code delen har forløb der tager ca en time, så de vil kunne bruges i mange undervisingssammenhænge. Skærmbillede 2015-01-14 kl. 18.02.30Her er hvad de selv skriver om der forskellige forløb:

The Hour of Code is an one hour introduction to computer programming. This year, Grok Learning has expanded to offering 5 different fun and free tutorials that can be run on laptops, desktops or tablets:

Space (Blockly) Use the visual programming language Blockly to investigate space and reach for the stars. (Ages 8+)

Is Eliza Human? (Python) Use the programming language Python to build a chatbot called “Eliza”. Can she fool your friends into thinking she’s a human not a computer? (Ages 10+)

Emoticon Madness! (Python) Use the programming language Python to explore emoticons and text manipulation. (Ages 10+)

Disease Epidemic! (Python) Use the programming language Python to model a disease outbreak. Can you solve the curious case of the glowing nose? (Ages 10+)

The Dark Tunnel (Python) Use the programming language Python to create a simple game (or MUD). Can you find your way through the dark tunnel? (Ages 12+)

Our tutorials touch on topics in space, communication, biology, artificial intelligence and games, with plenty of scope for tangential learning. There’s something for everyone to get excited about!

GROKs Hour of Code forløbene finde du her.

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