Participation Kit – for Computer Science Teachers

This is the participation kit information.

This is the Computer Science Education Week participation kit for CS teachers in particular.

How can you promote computer science during CS Ed Week 2013?

1) Use the Hour of Code campaign to introduce students to Computer Science

  • Recruit your entire school to participate in Hour of Code.
  • Organize a school assembly to introduce and promote it.
  • Ask students from your existing CS classes to volunteer to help bring Hour of Code to other classrooms.
  • Define your own creative Hour of Code activity – whether it involves showcasing your students’ work, involving students to reach out to the rest of the school, or unplugged exercises that are more inclusive.
  • Use our promotional materials: handout you can give to the principal. Celebrity posters to hang on the walls. Videos to play in a school assembly. See the full Hour of Code participation kit for schools
  • If you organize a big school-wide event, make sure to submit it as an organizer, or contact us, so we can help you involve local press or celebrities.

2) Host other CS Ed Week events (instead of, or in addition to the Hour of Code)

  • Make sure to see NCWIT’s 10 ways to recruit girls to CS for ideas on activities to grow participation by women
  • Do an open house of your course offerings for parents, explain how CS connects to 21st century jobs.
  • Pitch CS education to your local school board, superintendent, or principal. Start with, this video, or these talking points
  • Go meet with your middle school to show the course offerings and importance of CS education to them (start with one of these videos).
  • Reach out to your local four year CS department chair about having your students visit a university.
  • Reach out to your local chamber of commerce to have students visit a local employer that depends on computing professionals.

3) Recruit broader support for Computer Science

4) Recruit other groups in your community

Any group can host an Hour of Code, whether it is a church, boy scouts, local university, library, YMCA, veterans association, or labor union. If you have connections to any such organizations, reach out to them, send them a participation guide, and encourage them to visit and participate.